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Customize who you want to hire for your project and specific needs or higher a full production. Contact us for a quotes and rates.

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Meet the crew

P Broud Videos introduces Ashley Christine is a Make-up artist and pose coach with several years of experience in her field

Ashley Christine

Hair and Make-Up

She's also a Pose coach and business owner with a very large following and many years in the industry.

P Broud Videos introduces D'nell Simmons is cameraman and Director of Photography

D'nell Simmons

Camera A 

Director of Photography

Also a business owner and graphic designer.

His 4k camera never misses a shot.

P Broud Videos introduces Veronica Caar, a Camera Operator with several years of experience

Verónica Caar

Camera B

An amazing Camera Operator that I met while filming a festival 2 years ago.

P Broud Videos introduces Derik, a Sound Engineer who attended fullsail.


Sound Engineer 

A full-sail graduate with an amazing ability to record good quality sound

Meet the team
P Broud Videos introduces Isaiah Johnson, a Music Producer and Business Owner.

Isaiah (Chef)

Music Producer

He's also a music artist and a good friend. His Record Label is called The Kitchen. His Studio is always booked for business.

Iz The Producer (Ismael Smith) is the Film Producer and Owner of B Proud Videos.

Iz The Producer



Special FX

Hello, it's me! The guy who made this website.

Believe it or not, I wear many hats in the Industry. But this is a good thing because it makes a great film Producer. I know what I'm looking for. 

P Broud Videos introduces Jose Mendoza, a Booking Agent and Event Coordinator.

Jose Mendoza

Event Coordinator

Booking Agent

A great friend and Owner of Jam Orlando.

He books a lot of our projects and is good at what he does. 


The crew's sample work